From Your Smartphone or Tablet

You can add your rain barrel to our registry using your smartphone or tablet, don’t worry it’s simple!

1. Open your web browser (Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) and navigate to


2. Tap the User button
User Button

3. Tap Log In
Log in button

4. Enter rain as the username and rain123 as the password
Username and Password

5. Select Add Data to add your rain barrel
Add Data

6. This minimap will show you the location of your rain barrel. By default your device’s GPS will be used to place the location of your rain barrel. If you wish to manually place your rain barrel, simply drag the crosshair to the desired location.

7. Next, fill out a brief survey regarding your rain barrel.

8. You may add photos if you wish. You can either take a picture with your device or upload existing photos from your device’s gallery
Photo Button

9. Tap Submit when you are finished and your rain barrel will be added to our map!
Point on Map